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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
9:19 pm
Yet more soap box of the mighty Home Loan
Like many of you, I too am thinking Will this finally end?

AN update came out from the loan officer saying docs would go out no later than Thursday night, and sale would close on Friday. Now, for anyone who has purchased a home, this screams idiocy. When Escrow gets documents, they have to go through them, develop some of their own, get me to sign for the sale, and then run the papers in front of judge. Close cant even happen until the loan funds are wired to them.
The selling agent promptly called the loan officer on the carpet about this, pointing out all these things, and insinuating that The lenders were just playing games instead of being serious about getting things done & meeting commitments.
My Realtor took a simpler path. She called the Loan Officers Mgr again, and politely tore into him about "overseeing the rest of this loan" and "making sure no further delays occurred, or unprofessional work". He called her back 20 minutes later saying docs will go out tomorrow ( Wednesday).
The loan officer meanwhile had sent another e-mail explaining how they could not control the time, but that the docs to be sent did not require seller signatures, and thus they could already be working their half of the paperwork, thus making close happen on Friday....good grief!!!!!
My Realtor responded with what her mgr had sad. E-mails seemed to stop after that.

Towards late afternoon, the loan officer calls telling me that a credit checking group has been trying to reach me for more verification for the underwriters. She says its just a last verification on the student loan ( SAME BLOODY ONE THAT CHECKED OUT LAST WEEK!!!).

so I call the credit checkers to play the silly game again. Turns out THIS time they are checking 2 additional items too. One they had already checked out ok on their own ( an old ticket LONG since paid). We did the loan recheck-still fine ( BIG SURPRISE there). The third place turned out to be a collection on an old account from AT & T wireless days ( different from current AT & T Mobility). The hold was too long & the credit checker guy was going home. So I pursued it on my own. It had been sold to a different collection agency. I got ahold of the new agency, found it was unpaid, paid it, had them fax me a letter of proof it was paid, which I in turn faxed to my realtor ( safety), and the loan officer. Tomorrow I'll fax it to the credit checkers too.

Ok, brief rant-feel free to ignore
WTF!!! Why are they playing this last minute petty checks on stuff, one of which is redundant? Did they REALLLY expect my student loan to be bad again in 1 week? If these other 2 items were important, why were they not checked earlier!!!? I swear they are trying to find a last minute way to flunk me from this loan. If they delay any further, the seller will likely cancel-they are already pissed at the games. WHAT THE HELL IS THEIR PROBLEM!!!????

ok, back to normal.
So, tomorrow we shall see if the mgr keeps his word & pushes documents to escrow tomorrow. I am covered on this latest round of checks, and doubt there will be time for more tomorrow ( but then again you never know with this bunch apparently). Either the docs will go, or the deal will go south & lawyers will be contacted by me to take these bastards down for breaking the law with a bait & switch + other unprofessional behaviors.

Light a candle for me, as all of mine are packed. I'm going to seek some solace in tea and reading, perhaps try for as many as 7 hrs sleep.

Current Mood: Exasperated
Friday, January 30th, 2009
11:45 am
Condo Update-Loan in Special Risk Assessment ( sigh)
I made a polite inquiry of my loan officer this morning about where things were. She told me it was supposed to be final last night, but were running late. 5 minutes later she e-mails me and my Realtor that the underwriters are now putting my file into Special Risk Assessment & wont have a final answer until Feb 5th.

I came into this knowing my credit was still healing, but was told that after pre-approval it was a matter of just verifying everything. No one said anything about even the potential for a special screening. Until there is solid approval, I cant arrange for a moving day with friends, give notice on my current rental & utilities, or any other number of things associated with this. If the matter runs more than a week or 2 into the month, its REALLY going to cause financial & logistical issues.

To be fair, at least it wasn't an outright no. They think there is possibility of making it work ( so I am inferring), hence the special assessment. Its probably partially my credit history haunting me, but also partially new precaution given the economy and high number of foreclosures going on.

To put it bluntly, I am now extremely discouraged. The whole process has been a roller coaster to begin with ( at least my Realtor warned me about that), but going yet AGAIN into uncertainty is disheartening. Even if the special assessment passes me, I think I am going to need a night to just de-stressing.

Some of my stress is coming from the fact that I got only 4 hrs of sleep. The cats were running around, across the bed & pounding into things. When they got locked out, they still made a ruckus loud enough to keep me awake & even knocked a few things over from plowing into them. Its pretty likely I'll be collapsing when I get home tonight, but for now am keeping awake at work & being productive.

Life otherwise is going ok. I have had other classmates from High School connecting to me on Facebook, and one on Myspace thats been kind of quiet, but suddenly reaching out to me.

Archery went well last night, and a friend from SCA was there. We usually see each other in passing a few times a year, but never got to talk. So while we did shoot some, we also got to catch up a LOT & reconnect. It was nice.

Tomorrow is a model train fair & my friend Sean wants me to go with him. That evening is a friend's birthday celebration at Owl & Thistle. Sunday I'm hanging at a Superbowl/games party with friends in Bothell.

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, January 16th, 2009
7:54 am
Non Condo update
Ive mostly been yakking about the condo lately & though it would be nice to take a break from the topic. Besides, there isn't much else to update on for a while anyways.

So I got to see an interesting crossbreed of dog yesterday: a LabDoodle. 1/2 Labrador Retriever, 1/2 full size Poodle. His name was Ruben & he belongs to one of our Support Engineers. Marvin ( his owner), said he was smart & VERY well behaved. The body was clearly a mix, slightly more Labrador, but the fur was poodle like, though cut more like on a scottie or silkie.

After an almost 2 month hiatus, I made it to an archery practice. Given the time off, things went all right. More practice is needed to get in form, but an average of 15-17 at the 20 yrd range after a break is nothing to sneer at.

So today's work involves a conference call, and then a trek up to AT & T in Redmond on Willows Grove to try to fix their install on a lab system of our newer software. Normally we prefer to put software in for clients, but they insisted on doing it themselves without one of us at least being onsite & watching. Its always SOOOO Much FUNNN to troubleshoot a botched install that someone else did. My guess is that we will wind up removing it completely & installing from scratch.

Its amazing to see the weekend is here already. 1 week until next payday. And tomorrow night is Vogue night at Neighbors Underground....I haven't been in 2 weeks & miss my dance fix + seeing a few friends ( of course checking out some of the ladies in goth wear is a treat too). I'll probably do archery on Saturday morning, and over the weekend try to downsize on stuff more to fit into a smaller place. Just going through papers to find my 2007 W-2s resulted in a LOT of thinning out; about 2/3 went right into recycling. How does it all stack up over time like that?

Everyone enjoy your weekend, and if it hasnt been said lately, thank you for being my friend.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, January 5th, 2009
1:29 pm
VA Home Loan not solid- in review to Underwriters NOW
I just found out today that my VA Home loan is NOT fully confirmed. My profile had passed a simple Eligible/not eligible check, but the final answer has to come from the loan Underwriters. The Loan person verified I still pass the eligible/not eligible test, but its officially being reviewed today by the underwriters & an answer will be known no later than tomorrow.

Finding out it wasn't set in stone has been a shock. Most of my past debts have been paid off, but the records tend to linger for a while on the credit reports, and so there is question on final approval. On the encouraging side, all of the extra questions asked of me so far have had positive responses to give back to them. This gives more in my favor.

I normally don't like to solicit for this sort of thing, but this really means a lot to me. Owning my own place will mean putting money into an investment instead of paying a mgmt company. It will also be the sign of finally rising above financial stupidity in my mid to late 20's.

Please put out prayers, or light candles, or whatever your faith mandates in sending good wishes/energy that this situation resolves positively.

Thank you all who help,


Current Mood: scared
Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
4:36 pm
4 month update
Once again, Ive gotten busy with life, and let slip updating things here. I hope that all of my friends here are doing well & I'll try to catch up on your entries duly.

Home-Still in my own place, and doing well. Over Christmas, my girlfriend got me a grey hooded rat, and my mother got me a Balinese (Medium Hair Siamese) female Kitten. Both are growing, healthy and get along with each other. Its been really nice to have the companionship.
Recently I've also been making inroads on making the main living level better organized, and it feels great to be in the neatness, not to mention know where to find things like my birth certificate. :)

Work - Its gotten a little unnerving, though I personally am doing fine. Back in Jan of this year, we were told that no layoffs would occur, but that there was a hiring freeze & only critical positions would be filled. Well, last week, they laid off 3 full time employees, and my co contractor. The premise for him was that the dept he covered at AT & T did not pay a yearly fee for his services, wheras mine has a big fat yearly maintenance agreement that easily covers my contracting cost. They did confirm on keeping at least through Dec of this year, and signed contracts to that effect. Still, its time to update my resume & keep open for other opportunities.

Social - Fencing has been going well, though the recent version of Influenza has kept me out the last 2 sessions. Norwescon was great & I saw lots of folks that had not attended in several years. Hanging out with Club Andor group has been a blast too. I made it out to an SCA war in march & actually did pretty decently. Archery is going well, though going only once a week is slowing my progress ( once wed outdoor practice starts, that will change).

Projects - Norwescon has helped inspired me to get back onto making some costumes. My immediate goal is to get some flare going for my club Andor Steam Punk uniform, and make a chinese cap to go with a jacket. I also want to make another doublet or 2, and a few pairs of tights. Long range-I want to do something for Masquerade next year & found a willing partner.
If the weather holds out, hopefully my car stereo amplifier will get installed fully, and sound quality should improve greatly.

Girlfriend- well, things have taken a final sad turn. We went on hold for 2 days a few months ago, initially made some resolution, but the current upshot is that I've simply lost interest physically. I am also discovering that I'm not happy with who I am ( gained some weight, don't like how money has been spent,and am not getting enough things done). Some friends also observed that she seemed to be exerting control over me that they did not like ( keep in mind though that if she did exert control-I was the one who chose to let her). She isn't a bad person; its simply that things haven't worked out, so its time for me to move on & keep improving myself/finding happiness.

Current Mood: pensive
Monday, December 10th, 2007
4:44 pm
Catching up the slack
Ok so its been almost 3 months since I did an update. My apologies. Things have been hectic around work, and social life has been minimal.

Work has been busy, but is going well. Our Supervisor's boss is working on pushing through a hire offer for me and Gelder, the last 2 contractors left from Covestic. Of the original 4 of us, one got laid off ( read between the lines as let go for absenteeism, tardiness, and a few other things), and the other left because he got tired of what seemed to be false promises of hire. Their loss has made it busier for Gelder and I, but it also made getting a hire offer more urgent.
This job, despite some of the business, has been great in challenging me, teaching or relearning things, and living a more comfortable lifestyle.

I had a pleasant surprise today _ I got $16,000 in inheritance from my step grandmother (actually it was an extension of my grandfathers will for when she passed on). Some is going straight into savings as an emergency fund. The rest will get some debts paid, and a few treats. Having been an IDIOT when I was 19 & had gotten an inheritance of $45,000, my choices should be wiser this time around.

My health is not as good as it was earlier in the year (though I haven't backslid to dangerous levels so far), and thats largely due to getting sloppy on eating habits combined with not enough exercise. I plan to restore the 1 night of dancing minimum, look into a gym membership again, and crack down on my eating again. Neighbors 80s night here I come again!!! ( maybe get a night in at the Mercury once in a while, too).

The relationship with Ariana has been challenging, but we do manage to talk so far. A lot of it has come down to different meanings for what I thought were common phrases, and growing up with different values on things like fashion, etiquette, and hobbies. Time will tell, but being in communication certainly helps.

Having my own place has been fantastic. The gas heating works really well-sometimes I have to turn the thermostat down to 60 to get the temp bearable. I'm still decorating, but have a wreath and 1 set of icicle lights up so far ( and my first Christmas tree).

Happy holidays to all of you, and once again, I'll work on more regular updates.

Current Mood: happy
Monday, October 8th, 2007
3:48 pm
long overdue update
Hi all,

Once again, life has distracted me from keeping any semblance of time in updating here. Its something that I'm working on though.

Work is going fine for the most part. Our Project manager left the company last week, so I am reporting to his boss for now. With luck, He will see our value and finally make a hiring offer. The AT & T project is expanding, so there is plenty of work up ahead. If nothing else, at least there is work for the next year if I stay on contract.

My archery activity has picked up, and I finally moved up to the rank of Bowman in SCA. This past weekend, I was in Yakima at an archery festival with lots of fun shoots ( and some frustrating ones). I'm also working on starting with crossbow. Its nice to be getting back involved with SCA, and archery. My skills with arrow making are improving, too. And finally getting an updated glasses prescription helped at lot with my shooting.

To help improve my combat skills overall, I'm taking fencing lessons now ( SCA-Rapier). The fundamentals of rapier are learning combat footwork, which is really good for any fighting style. Its been tiring, especially keeping the weight of the rapier upright over a period of time, but the muscles will eventually get stronger.

I've been dating a woman named Ariana for about 3 months now. She is 31 years old, and is from Peru originally. We have had challenges, but have kept things going so far. Her 11 year old daughter seems to like me, as does her family so far.

This is now the 6th month of having my own place - now the second longest time of doing so in my life. With me being the sole tenant, the electric and gas bills are very low, which is a blessing. The neighbors have posed no problems, and its so nice to have so much space ( even if I cant fill it right now).
The place has cropped up with a few troubles, but the major one (a leaky window in the stairwell) is being taken care of. My bath tub drain valve doesn't work, because someone removed the mechanical link to it. It amazes me that they have no problem dropping the cash to repair a window, but don't want to pay out for whats likely a $10-20 part. Oh well.
I did get a supplemental wall cabinet & put it above the toilet - now the bathroom is nicely organized (before, there was only a simple shelf & it always looked cluttered).

On a quick culinary note: if you have not heard of Garlic Gourmay before, go check them out (http://www.garlicgourmay.com/) . They are local to Washington ( a town called Ariel), and make great spices with Garlic in them, and no MSG or Preservative junk added to them. I first discovered them at the Puyallup Fair -their Chipotle/Fajita Seasoning is AWESOME. The garlic cheese Sprinkle, Zesty Garlic, Italian Seasoning, and Rag'in Cajun are also good.

Have a great week, and once again, I'll aspire to update more often.

Current Mood: relaxed
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
12:34 pm
Post Birthday & Vista 64 bit install
Hi all,

This past weekend was busy, but good.
On Friday, I had gaming with friends after work.
Saturday was my birthday, as was spent mostly putting together a bed ( and dropping pieces on the exact same spot on my right foot! Its still swollen & sore). In the evening, 2 friends took me to see Shrek the Third, and then bought me a late dinner at 13 coins.
On Sunday, I met with my friend Karla for coffee, came back home & continued house organization, went to Aimee & Johns for a visit ( thanks again for the Foreman Grille), and then had a first date with a lady named Amy ( met her via Craigslist of all places). After the date, I got the last of my stuff from storage, and came home.

Yesterday was fairly easygoing. I made my first pot of chili from a kit & it came out ok. I also took the plunge & installed Windows Vista 64 bit on my home computer.

The rest of this is on Vista, so feel free to skip it if you aren't interested. :)

Now, I had a LOT of warnings about doing this, mostly consisting of "DON'T", "wait until Service Pack 1 for it comes out", or "set it up for dual boot with XP to be safe". I made sure that I had all drivers needed, that all my applications had a version that worked with Vista, and all my data was safely backed up on another hard drive. Having done this, I did the install.

In going to the 64 bit version, I had to do a clean install, instead of an upgrade ( I had to boot from the DVD and install it like there was no Operating system, instead of running from XP). However, I have to say that this was the easiest install I have EVER done. It found 64 bit drivers for EVERYTHING except the sound card, which I had a driver on standby for. The install took 20 minutes, and had no major lags. The update process almost seemed smoother than XP.

Vista seems to run fine on my computer. Opening different windows and applications is a bit faster. There is no reduction in anything that I can tell so far. The analog clock in the new Widgets is neat ( I like analog clocks). Shutdown is also faster.

My applications seem to run just fine. One (Limewire) isn't compatible with the Aero interface, so Vista shuts it off while using it, but that is no big deal.
My overall impression is that this is similar to going from Windows 2000 to XP; there are some cool new things, but its not a huge difference other than minor appearance ( You can even revert things to look like XP/2000, like Control Panel). When you install applications, it does throw up messages to make sure that you started that process, but I really don't mind that.
One final note is the advantages of running the 64 bit version.
1) 64 bit will see up to 128 GB of RAM (Vista 32 bit only sees 4 GB max), and you can set page files higher, too
2) 64 bit uses a 64 bit processor more efficiently, and LOVES the dual core processors.
3) 64 bit runs 32 bit applications just fine, even has a compatibility mode to simulate older versions of Windows, and a 32 bit application crashing will NOT crash the OS.
4) The majority of computer makers now have 64 bit drivers for your components ( As I said, it found correct drivers for all but my sound card at install & my machine upgrades are fairly new).

I'll throw in comments from time to time, if problems come up, or if things continue to work great.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, May 17th, 2007
2:05 pm
Loreena McKennit Concert
I got to see Loreena McKennit perform live this past Tuesday at the Paramount. It was an incredible concert. Her stage voice & instrument performance is just as good as the studio. She personally introduced all of her supporting musicians, had an intermission between sets for them, and also gave a few explanations of the inspirations for certain songs. I also got to see what a Greek Lyra looks like. her violinist was amazing, as was her cello player, lute/guitar, and of course her personal Irish Harp.

Her new album is called "An Ancient Muse" and is very good. The other albums that I heartily endorse from her are "The Mask & The Mirror", "The Visit", "Elemental", and "Book of Secrets". She has some other albums, but I feel these really reflect her best work.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
4:07 pm
more good stuff
Ok, first great news:
My doctor has labeled me the new poster child for miraculous turn around. My A1C index ( a test that indicates your 3 month average of blood sugar/insulin, etc) has gone from 11.2 back in December to 6.4. A normal person is 4 to 6, with 6.5 being a little high but not diabetic yet.
In other words, I have made a near recovery to normal levels. Its possible that down the road, I might get back off of the medications & will likely NEVER need insulin, or have the heart related troubles or circulation problems that diabetics fear. The theory is that I experienced a pancreatic stunning ( the pancreas got stunned & lost control of the insulin production)
My bad cholesterol (ldl) is down, but not quite to what is preferred, so the Doc is doubling my anti-cholesterol medication dosage.

Weight loss has slowed down, but I have scheduled to meet with a Nutritionist with the end aim of losing weight. Once the Kidney stone fragments pass, I can get back into an exercise regime as well.

We had a meeting with our contract company Mgr( the ones that pay us, and we technically work for). He informed us that JDSU is happy with our work, but it will be at least August before they can make a hire offer. In the meantime, we are all eligible for benefits, so by next month, I should have medical/dental/vision, 401k, etc. Given that, I am quite content. :)

I went to the Loreena McKennit concert for her new album "AN Ancient Muse". It was one of the best concerts Ive ever been to. No flashy props & videos, genuine performance from the heart, and just as good in person as on album. Its inspired me to get back into performance again, and take action on wanting to learn Harp (Dusty Strings in Fremont is gonna love me). LOL

I also was involved with the Landmark Forum ( first of the curriculum) again, this time assisting. It was an amazing experience, and I got even more into things about me. I took a stand for my health, and its already making a difference. I also had a situation where I got attracted to a fellow helper, but got kind of weird in the head about it ( wondering if she was interested or not, flip flopping on emotions, building a whole story about her being interested or not). But, I caught it before it dug into my behavior around her & got some coaching on it. What came out of that is that I haven't loved myself & was also Looking for a relationship instead of just focusing on being happy. The result of that was in both relationships & dating, there would be a dichotomy of subtle messages- either "You Shouldn't love me, I Sure Don't" or " Please Love me; , because I don't". Going for a goal like geting into a relationship usually doesn't work well either. Its that whole mentality of going after something to make yourself complete & whole. But, i totally get this now, and am committed to being loving ( of myself, and of others).

Have a great week, all.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 7th, 2007
11:58 am
Moved in, and slowly making a home
The basic move is done, except for some extraneous bins in my Edmonds Storage unit. The Edmonds unit will be closed out this month. The Tacoma storage unit will get cleared out between now & end of June.

I was very lucky in that most of my things from having a place long ago have survived. My only immediate needs are for a TV, and a couch. A sewing desk needs to be eventually acquired, but the coffee table will serve for now. Aimee was kind enough to loan on long term an older 25" TV( The remote does work, and thank you!!!), so I just need a couch. :)

My bed hardware seems to have vanished between moves, but the company I bought it from (Just Futons in Tacoma) said if I bring one of the sides down, they can sell me a replacement kit for $9, and they may even be able to warranty it. Now thats customer Service!!!!

Anyways, its now my 2nd week of being in my own place, though I don't seem to have spent much time there beyond sleeping. Once the cable & internet go in tomorrow, I should be about set for home entertainment.

Work is going fine. No sewing has been done yet, but projects await once things are settled. I am doing a volunteer thing for Landmark education this next weekend, which will be exciting. :)

Current Mood: happy
Monday, April 30th, 2007
4:18 pm
Post Landmark Advanced Course & mad moving time
The past weekend was spent participating in the Landmark Advanced course, a sequel (of sorts) to the Landmark Forum that I took in March. This course continues the process of putting your past behind you, and adds the invention of self ( as compared to being who your past made you).
I cant being to tell you about what I got out of this. Not only did I make final peace with my last girlfriend, but also found the keystone to what has been causing me to repeat my past subconsciously over and over. I have chosen to be happy and enthusiastic, and its a reality for me. :)

Unfortunately, taking this class has put a crunch on moving my stuff from my moms apt to my duplex: tonight shall be Mad Moving night. But, everything can be gotten with one Pickup truckload (which my mgr and friend Ben is obliging me on), and 1-2 trips in my car. On the weekend, the storage unit in Edmonds can be emptied and shut down; No truck needed, just multiple trips in my "buru" wagon. Next month, I'll get to do the same with my Tacoma unit ( that one will take a 14 ft moving truck to get it all at once).

The surgeons decided to try the shock wave procedure one more time, and shifter the date accordingly - to the wed before this past weekend. So, once again, I got to do Landmark right after having my kidney blasted....LOL The blessing this time was that pain was not nearly as bad; apparently a lot of the pain from the first time came from installing the stent; a plastic tube put between the kidney & bladder to prevent swelling & allow stone pieces to pass more easily. Since they left it in place, I didn't get pain from that this time around, or even blood in the urine.
The good news is that the surgeons told me afterwards that according to x-rays,the stone is broken up. Now, its just a matter of passing the pieces over the next 6 weeks.

On a final silly but fun note: I got my new cell phone a week ago & am very happy with it. Its a Motoroloa RAZR v3i ( the next to latest version), quad band ( works pretty much everywhere in the world), has a 1 GB micro SD card for holding pics & ringtones, and best of all - its a really cool blue color( the blue for the V3i is hard to find in the US, the place I got it from got it directly from the factory). Oh, and the phone is untied to any one service, so I can use it with any carrier that supports this phone. :)

Current Mood: excited
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
12:07 pm
Mixed events
This weekend, I spent helping my mother move into her newly bought house in Mossy Rock. Unlike the last move( Which turned into a party for Murphy's Law), this one went relatively ok. The only downside is that the shifting of boxes has aggravated my kidney/bladder associated pain, and added lower back pain into the equation.

On the plus side, my contract company is now offering me benefits at a reasonable monthly price. The dental is great, as is the vision, but the actual medical is not so great for stuff like the kidney stone ($250 deductible each time, though a calendar max of $2,500).

Ok, heres an update on Rebecca. We went out for dinner and a Irish folk group called Ockhams Razor. We had a great time, and I also helped her at home with a table assembly. But, the bomb got dropped: she said she REALLY enjoys spending time with me, wants to keep doing so, but is only able to offer friendship right now ( she realized she still needs to get over her husband, canceled her Match. com account, etc etc).

One of the teachings of my forum is to do your best to be honest, and be authentic with integrity. It also teaches about being aware of the meaning that we place on things said or done by others. So here is the point; I am trying to decide if I can authentically be just a friend, and not harbor false hopes of a future romance ( though she said nothing to rule that out - she said only that she is not emotionally available for anything but friendship "right now"). This is a tough one; certainly we have much in common, and it would be sad to not be friends at least. But would I truly be able to be JUST friends, to the point that if she got romantically involved with someone else, I would be ok with it? This is going to take some serious thought. In meantime, she is still e-mailing me with frequency ( of her own accord), and trying to free up May 15th to go to the Loreena McKennit concert with me.

On the fun side, in packing, my mom found a few more things to pass on to me. She had forgotten to give me 4 of my dads books - 4 of the Oz Books by L Frank Baum ( original Editions, though not in great shape-they were his as a boy). She also found one of my childhood toys - a Light Cycle with Tron Action figure from the Disney movie Tron.

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
2:17 pm
Long overdue posting
Ok, I haven't posted in ages, so please accept my apologies. Life has been interesting, but good.

Another housing crunch is upon me, but a few options are being pursued. At this point, i intend to stay in King County; I am so much happier here, and my job market (should my current job go away) is up here as well. NO MORE PIERCE COUNTY for me!!!

The job is still going well. I am officially up for hire, as 90 days have passed, and my project lead is doing what he can to make it happen. In the meantime, I continue on contract

The greatly improved income has let me get essential things done on the car ( especially replacing the badly cracked windshield!), made Norwescon VERY comfortable for me this year, and even upgrade the computer to the point of being Windows Vista Compatible. A very kind Microsoft Fairy got me replacement Office software ( My copy of Office seems to have vanished during my move back to Seattle).

There hasn't been room to sew where I have been staying at, but May should provide opportunities to get more costuming done.

Dating has presented a surprise. I had been experimenting with match.com ( had a few dates, but nothing that panned out), and was about to ditch it, when I noticed someone who had looked at my profile. I looked at hers; she writes fantasy, wants to get into archery, has a degree in vocal music, and likes 80s music. We made contact & it turns out she goes to Norwescon, and performs at Camlann faire. Our first meeting was at Norwescon, and we are still dating. We keep finding more things we have in common, and what is different doesn't clash. Whether or not it blossoms into a relationship ( Yes, I hope it does), this is an amazing experience for me.

The kidney stone persisted past the first shockwave treatment, and so the VA is going to try it one more time before resorting to the laser procedure. The 2nd Shockwave treatment is next Wed.

I took the Landmark Forum ( personal development course) back in March, and its been a life altering experience. The forum focuses on putting your past behind you, creating integrity with honor for yourself & others, and learning how your past made you what you are ( and how you dont ahve to be that way).
I'm currently in a follow up 10 week seminar for the forum, and its kept the changes going. At the end of this month, I'll be taking the advanced course, which focuses on re-inventing yourself as the person you want to be.

Have a great weekend all, and I'll look into getting a more modern picture up of me.

Current Mood: relaxed
Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
4:34 pm
brief update
Well, the new job is going well. Apparently, this is a LONG term project, at least 1-2 years, so job security is great ( not to mention that Casabyte got permission to offer a direct hire if they really like us). Our team is actually understaffed - we need at least 6-7 more people.

The Black Light has proven to be just as great for 80's/90's alternative night as the Vogue, except perhaps a slightly smaller size overall. But the overall atmosphere is there, and I am so hooked...

There hasnt been much else going on. A friend has invited me to join her a few times for movie previews ( Pans Labyrinth is GREAT by the way). I made contact with costuming friends & am working on getting back into the loop there. The main big task remaining is to transfer stuff from my Tacoma Storage unit up to my Edmonds one, and then close out the tacoma unit.

Payday is on the 7th, and it will be welcome. Budgeting for an entire month will be a new challenge, but I should be able to make it work.

My surgery is Feb 15th (blasting the kidney stone with a laser), so I'll be in lalaland for the 15th & 16th.

Have a great week everyone.

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
8:18 pm
The Year continues to bring good things
Last friday, I took on a short term contract doing tech support for tax software, which pays $12/hr.
Today, I got and accepted an offer for a career opportunity. I will be working with a project team for Kasabytes on a 3 month + contract, with intent to Hire, starting at $25/hr, and including a laptop. The job is testing/evaluating services of cellphone companies ( practically every major cell company uses them). I got referred to this job by a friend that works at the contracting company also.

I cannot begin to express my happiness at not only being employed again, but to get an opportunity like this. While I stay at my moms, I will be able to bank away a large portion & build my long desired reservoir for emergencies. Even doing that, I'll be able to take care of some things on the car, and catch up on bills. Frankly, I don't know if there will be a much higher point than this, but I am grateful.

My energy levels continue to be great from the Diabetes Meds. I am still adjusting my diet fully, but am doing fairly well at it nonetheless.
I have been having a problem with blood in my urine after going dancing, whether I drank or not. I finally had the VA check it out: I have a kidney stone the size of a shooter marble in my left kidney. Its too big to pass, so they have to go in & blast it with a laser into passable pieces. While this procedure will not be fun, I will be knocked out for it, and am glad to know about it, as well as have the treatment covered.

My Mother has taken inspiration from my cleaning the bathroom + installing a new faucet fixture in the kitchen. She is now starting to clean up the kitchen. There is already a big difference. Getting someone in to fix the hot water heater went a long ways as well. While I intend to move out in a few months, its great to know that I am making a difference while living here.

Night Life
I wont be attending 12th Night ( SCA) or Rustycon, as money is still very tight until I get my first check from the Tax job. However, I am a firm go for Norwescon, and plan to attend Ursalmas(SCA).
I also plan to be a regular on Sat nights at the Black Light, when it opens. If anyone wants to join me sometime, let me know in advance ( I can get a few friends in for free).

I'm really not up for being in a relationship, but a few female friends have expressed interest in going on casual dates, which is great. During the last night of the Vogue, I even had someone hitting on me ( talk about flattery).

Surviving the Snow/Ice
Once again, my car has been proven to be a blessing. When I engaged the 4 wheel drive mode, I had little trouble driving to/from work. These Subaru Loyale wagons are amazing little critters.

Not much else to say, so have a great weekend all

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Monday, January 8th, 2007
5:20 pm
Good and bad news
Ok, best to start with the bad news, and then work up to the good.

My Uncle (father's brother)died this past Saturday. We had only met in person once, but had a tradition of talking for a few hours around Christmas every year. This year, I called, only to find out he was in the hospital with lung problems similar to what killed my dad. 7 days later my cousin told me he had passed away. Once again, my family grows smaller ( sigh).

I found out that I have a kidney stone the size of a shooter marble or superball in my left kidney. Its so large that it will never pass down & out, so they are going to go into the kidney & cut it up with a laser. They aren't cutting into me, so you can probably guess how they are accessing the kidney ( I'm glad I wont be conscious for this process!!!)

Good News
I picked up a job for the next month or 2. it only pays $12/hr, but its 3 times as much as Unemployment has given me. its basically being tax software tech support for businesses ( no consumers). I'm also under consideration for some other contracts that pay better, but if nothing else, I have something going for now. I'm looking forward to actually working again.

I also got the NoCharge dial up account set up again, so I can access internet at the house, albeit slower than a slug. It wasnt that long ago that having even a 33.6 kb connection was awesome; look how DSL, Cable Modems, and Satellite have spoiled us...LOL

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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
6:28 pm
Post holiday
Well, the Holiday season has had its good & bad for me.

The Good:
Reconciling with my mom & motivating her to get her place clean again, my mom gettting her hot water heater fixed, talking with jenna ( a friend from Phi Theta Kappa who lives in Georgia), making it to the last night of the Vogue ( not to mention having a woman try to pick me up), Getting my move done fairly quickly, and new job prospects already for January, responding so well to the diabetic meds, getting free medical care from the veterans Administration.

The Bad:
Cleaning up my mom's place being a MAJOR project ( can you say chain smoking indoors with windows shut for over 10 years), finding out I have a kidney stone the size of a golf ball in my left kidney, finding out I had diabetes, learning that my aunt Barbara didnt remember me due to alzheimers & that my Uncle is in the hospital showing symptoms of something that killed my father ( his brother), breaking up with Corey after 1.5 yrs together.

The ugly ( just kidding)

It will be interesting to see what this year holds for all of us. WHile 2006 was rough for me, there were many good things that came through in the end. Even the breakup with my girlfriend is turning out to be for the better.

Best wishes to all of you & happy new year.

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
3:32 pm
Christmas wishes & news about the Vogue
First of all, Merry Christmas & Happy New year to everyone ( happy Yule or Hannakah to those who dont celebrate christmas).

Christmas eve left me without company to spend time with, so I saw Casino Royale. Its very well done; they are starting the James Bond character all over again in modern setting, less emphasis on bad quips, less gadgets, more action, and pretty girls that dont just fall right in bed with 007. This actually starts with how he got his 00 rating & goes from there. Good actring, too.

Christmas - I spent the morning packing for my move to North Seattle. I spent the evening with my mom & we got along well. Jenna, a friend (possibly more down the road?) & former regional officer of Phi Theta Kappa called & we talked for 3 hours. I called my uncle, only to find out he is in the hospital with lung problems similar to what killed my father. Please send prayers, good will/hope, or what you feel is appropriate for him.

On a side note, for those who had not heard; I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. The good news is that I dont need insulin now & respond well to the meds. My cholesterol was high, but my blood pressure is great, so things look positive.

Now; about the Vogue:

I went up there last saturday & my friend Even still DJ's there with a mix of 80's wave & goth/alternative. Being there me me realize it was another piece of my life that was missing. The music, hanging with Evan in the booth, and being able to dance alone without being looked at like a freak ( though I wound up with several ladies dancing by me- I wasn't on the prowl....), all led up to a great evening.
The Vogue, unfortunately, is closing down, due to some stupid legal stuff from the previous owners. New Years Eve will be its last open night. However, the current owners will open another club 1 block away, to be called the "Black Light", with the same DJS & music formats on Fri, Sat, Sun. I plan to start going regularly again, so if any of you want to join me ( I can get a few friends in free Sat night), get in touch with me.

Until next time & happy holdiays to all

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
9:58 am
Moving along
Living situation:
The roommates at the place in Port Orchard seem ok with me moving. While I still can't seem to get more than 2 hours of sleep there, at least I don't feel apprehensive every time I walk in the door now. Unfortunately, as of Sat night, power is still out. Since the house is on its own well with an electric pump, this means no electric heat, or water. So, I'll be staying with friends for a few days, so I can at least shower.

The next step is to find a storage unit in in North Seattle to move my things to for now; one that is cheaper than the $104 I pay currently in Tacoma. Still, I am looking forward to being back in King County, going to the Vogue again on Sat Nights -mix of 80's and 90's alternative/wave ( my friend Evan DJ's there, and lets me + 3-4 friends in for free, perhaps getting to try the Mercury for the first time, and being in range of about 90% of my friends. Then too, employers will be more amiable to offering employment to someone in Seattle, rather than Port Orchard.

Work: the quest continues. Boeing is mostly outsourcing their IT, but the guy at the church is still going to try to get my resume in front of some folks in Jan. Bridge Consulting has me presented to Childrens Hospital Research center for a Network Support position. And, finally, a friend is helping me with job searches, so somethings bound to at least ask for an interview. Time will tell. In the meantime, my Unemployment rate shifted up by about $12/week, which is nice.
Today, I'll be doing some yard work for one of the pastors to raise a little extra for moving expenses.

Health: Other than being found diabetic and learning to lance my finger correctly for blood tests, things are fine. With the meds they put me on,it puts me around normal. This means I wont need insulin for now. If I am careful of my diet, I may be able to avoid insulin shots completely.
A side effect of all this is that my energy levels are getting back to normal, and I dont feel so down like I was. I was told that the high blood sugar can cause or contribute to depression; I am beginning to think that it was affecting me at least partially.

Music: My memory of Bassoon fingerings is still intact, but Sax is taking me a bit to recover. But, my tone is good, and I remember the basics. I played for a couple of Christmas songs this past sunday at chruch. My new project for this week; - to transcribe "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for alto/tenor/Bari sax ( a trio) & piano. Its a bit of a challenge, but I look forward to it.

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